A percentage of Posy Pots card sales will be going to GAF Helps Greek Strays: an organisation that works tirelessly and selflessly to rescue, help, and save Greek dogs and cats who have been abandoned or cruelly treated. Our very own dog Yanni was a poor pitiful little mite when we first met him. He had been rescued from the streets by members of GAF or FACE as it was called at the time. They are based in the Ermioni region of the Peloponnese in Greece and rely heavily on the help of donations alongside the kindness and hard work of volunteers.

There are times when whole litters of puppies have been dumped on the roadside who are invariably found in poor health and in desperate need of medical attention and homing. The volunteers foster and care for these downtrodden street dogs of all ages who can no longer survive the harsh conditions they endure on the streets and by which time are starving and in some cases suffering from Leishmaniasis, a disease that is passed onto dogs via sandflies that is deadly to them. It is a horrid and cruel disease that requires immediate medical attention to save the dog, or in the worst case, at least alleviate their  suffering if it is too late to save them.

GAF provides all the care they possibly can and are striving to educate people of the need to neuter dogs and cats if they don't intend to keep the puppies/kittens their dogs/cats give birth to. They aim to inoculate stray dogs against Leishmaniasis, however this in itself is very expensive. The next step for them is to then find loving homes for all of these abandoned puppies, dogs, and cats, and this is certainly no mean feat.

To compound issues further, there is a persistent and desperate need to recruit more foster carers so as to manage the demand to help these poor creatures, so invariably they have to pay for them to go to boarding kennels rather than abandon them to the streets once more. This is costly, but the price of a mistreated animal’s life is far too dear to ignore. 

I hope I've painted a good enough picture for you to understand why I choose to support this charity and the crucial importance of the wonderful support that they provide these animals. If you would like to find out more about GAF or are considering rescuing a Greek dog, they can be found on Facebook under their organisation name. It is well worth a visit to see what good work they are doing so you can find out more about the plight of these poor innocent creatures and how we can help.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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